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EGM - January 22, 2011

Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin

Thank you to all who attended our EGM on Saturday 22nd January. You all greatly contributed in clarifying and approving our EGM items and supporting us to move to the next step. We welcome more members to attend. It is always good to ensure that we, the committee are always representing our members.

I would like to thank our dedicated committee members and the RFI working groups. Kelley Bermingham, Marie Guilfoyle, Frances Walsh, Leonora O' Farrell and Ann Nolan who prepared the Membership Categories (EGM Session 2) and  Patricia Loughlin, Rosemary Lowe, Mary Tuohy, Deirdre Luccan, Leonora O' Farrell, Ann Nolan and Patricia Sheehan who prepared the Guidelines for Teaching Reiki Master Teacher Level (EGM Session 3).

Thank you to the members who sent your energy our way at the EGM meeting. It was a very energetic and productive meeting. There were three separate EGM meetings held.

We started each session with a meditation for clarity, intention, efficiency and working for the highest good of Reiki and all our members.

Session 1 was to propose annual subscription to RFI renewal date 31st March. This was proposed in order for RFI to be more efficient and provide a better service to our members. The proposal was agreed and will commence as soon as we have our new membership database up and running.

Session 2 was to discuss proposed Membership Categories. The membership categories proposed are a) Full Member, b) Associate Member, c) Student Member, d) Friend of Reiki. These categories were proposed to make RFI membership more accessible to everyone. There will be different subscription rates for each category. Subscriptions will be discussed at the AGM on the 16th April, so please come along.

Session 3 was to discuss our proposed Teaching Guidelines for Reiki Master Teacher Level. It was agreed to accept the Teaching guidelines for Reiki Master Teacher Level as amended at the EGM. The Teaching Guidelines for Reiki Master Teacher Level becomes a stand alone document.

Thank you all for your valuable input.



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