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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RFI?
Reiki Federation Ireland represents a strong voice of Reiki in Ireland, encompassing all lineages and traditions. It provides guidelines and information for both practitioners and the general public.

Who can join RFI?
Application for membership of RFI shall be open to any person who is initiated into Reiki, in the presence of a Reiki Master and is over the age of eighteen (18) years. Such member shall agree to abide by the Constitution of RFI including its appendices by signing the declaration on the application for membership form and paying his/her subscription fee to RFI. All applications for membership shall be submitted to the Committee for its approval.

Refer to our constitution for further details...

 Click here to apply for membership

How can I contact RFI personally?
Go to our Contact Us Page

When does my membership expire?
Membership expires on 30th March, of the following year from the date your application is processed

What are the benefits of joining RFI?
Click Here to find out.

Does RFI require copies of all my Reiki certificates to join?

Does it matter if I did Reiki 1 and 2 with a Tera Mai teacher and am doing Reiki 3 with a Traditional teacher or vice versa?

How soon do I receive my membership certificate after applying for membership?
Applications are processed by the Committee which meets monthly (Currently the 2nd Thursday of the month). Certificates are posted shortly afterward.

Who needs malpractice insurance?
Anyone who is practicing Reiki professionally is required to have malpractice insurance. If you want to be on RFI's practitioner referral list you must have forwarded a copy of your current malpractice insurance to us.

How do I get insurance?
For more information on Malpractice Insurance / Practitioner Insurance please click here

If I want to be on the committee what do I do?

Nominations for Committee positions shall be received by the Honorary Secretary in writing at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting, and shall have the consent of the nominees. Nominations, unless the nominee withdraws his or her name, shall be proposed, seconded and voted upon at the meeting. Said nominees shall be attuned to or initiated into Reiki. Nominees for all positions on the Committee, together with their nominators, must be members of RFI.

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