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An Evening with Pamela Miles "Communicating Reiki"

Stillorgan Park Hotel, Dublin

On the 14th September Reiki Federation Ireland hosted an evening with Pamela Miles on Communicating Reiki. Pamela is a Reiki Teacher & Author from New York, and we were delighted to be able to ask her to stop over in Dublin while she was in Europe, and give us the benefit of her perspective on Communicating Reiki.

We sent out flyers to all our members and got a great response!! On the night we had 90 Reiki people attending, some members and some non-members, and from all the different schools of Reiki.

There was great anticipation as we waited for Pamela to start her talk. She talked to the packed room for about 90 minutes; and discussed the importance of Reiki Self Treatment and the positive effects it has on ourselves and the people around us. She also mentioned how Mrs Takata wanted "Reiki to be as common as Aspirin" and how this would change the world as we know it. She talked about how to communicate the concept of Reiki clearly and simply to people who are not Reiki people. Pamela very simply described Reiki as a spiritual practice that promotes balance on all levels. There was then a questions and answers session where Pamela answered questions from the floor.

We all had a well deserved cup of tea and a discussion among ourselves about what we had heard over the evening. There were lots of different opinions as you can imagine with such a diverse group, and we finished up after 10pm.

It was a very interesting and thought provoking evening that brought up lots of questions for us all.

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